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Following on from Part 1 of this curriculum, this course covers the use of layers, masks and selections in image editing. Various image editing techniques are covered - such as image effects, paint brush effects, image framing and photograph editing - as are the creation of images for the Web and the creation of animiations.

Learning Objectives
  • Match layer types with their functions.
  • Create a layer on the Layer palette.
  • Identify layer management options.
  • Identify functions of masks.
  • Identify ways of adjusting image color.
  • Identify ways of adjusting image definition.
  • Identify image effects options.
  • Apply a ripple effect to an image.
  • Identify options on the Tool Options palette for applying paintbrush effects to an image.
  • Create text for an image.
  • Identify considerations for saving graphics for the Web.
  • Identify features of Animation Shop.
  • Identify features of the Animation Wizard.
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Paint Shop Pro 8 Pt 2 - Working with Images Online course
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