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This course is designed for new owners of handheld devices running the Pocket PC 2002 operating system. After taking this course, learners should be able to use their Pocket PC as an effective business and entertainment device.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the stages in setting up Pocket PC.
  • Identify elements of the Pocket PC interface.
  • Identify Pocket PC Start menu features.
  • Identify features of Pocket Word.
  • Identify features of Pocket Outlook.
  • Identify the stages for connecting Pocket PC to a PC.
  • Identify the stages for accessing the Web with Pocket PC.
  • Match Pocket PC wireless Web connectivity options with their features.
  • Identify features of Pocket PC multimedia functionality.
  • Match storage technology types used with Pocket PC with their features.
  • Identify features of the Axim X5.
  • Identify hardware specifications of the Axim X5.
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