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The Quattro Pro 11 course introduces the concept of notebooks and related worksheets. It also covers the basics of data entry, editing, and how to select data. Mathematical and logical functions as well as basic formatting principles are also covered. Finally, the learner explores print options available within Quattro Pro.

Learning Objectives
  • Match elements of the Quattro Pro interface with their functions.
  • Save a notebook by using the Save As command.
  • Match data types with their descriptions.
  • Identify methods for editing the contents of a cell.
  • Identify options in the Insert Cells dialog box.
  • Match numeric formats with their displays.
  • Enter a simple formula.
  • Create a function.
  • Identify options in the SpeedFormat dialog box.
  • Identify options for creating a chart using the Expert Wizard.
  • Match Print Preview options with their functions.
  • Match tabs available from the Spreadsheet Print dialog box with their functions.
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