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The WordPerfect Office 11 - Presentations 11 course introduces the capabilities of Presentations to create slide shows. The course teaches how to create presentations and to insert text, shapes, graphics, Clipart, and charts. Slide show effects, such as slide transitions, are also taught. Finally, the learner is taught how to edit and play slide shows, as well as how to print presentations.

Learning Objectives
  • Match elements of the Presentations interface with their functions.
  • Create a presentation.
  • Save a presentation using the Save As command.
  • Open a presentation.
  • Identify options in the Font Properties dialog box.
  • Insert a shape in a slide using the Insert menu.
  • Insert Clipart in a slide.
  • Create a data chart.
  • Identify options on the Transition tab of the Slide Properties dialog box.
  • Identify organizational capabilities in Slide Sorter view.
  • Identify options in the Play Slide Show dialog box.
  • Identify options in the Print dialog box.
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