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The content of this course allows an individual to gain knowledge of using a word processing application to create and format small word processing documents. The individual will also learn how to perform various tasks when working with a word processing document such as copying and moving text, creating tables, inserting pictures and images and using mail merge tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Open Word 2000.
  • Open a word processing document.
  • Create a memo by using a Word template.
  • Identify options for saving a document.
  • Get help by using the Office Assistant.
  • Identify features of the Help window and their functions.
  • Identify the page display modes you can select by using the View buttons on the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Adjust the page magnification of a document by using the Zoom box.
  • Modify the default toolbar display.
  • Identify settings in the Options dialog box.
  • Identify methods of selecting text.
  • Identify options for editing an existing Word document.
  • Insert a special character into a Word document.
  • Identify options for manipulating text breaks.
  • Transfer text within a document or between documents.
  • Use the search and replace facility to find and replace a word, phrase, or character in a document.
  • Identify options for formatting font by using the Formatting toolbar buttons.
  • Identify options for applying font effects.
  • Identify options for changing the case of text.
  • Copy a format by using the Format Painter button.
  • Apply a style to a document.
  • Identify hyphenation options.
  • Align text in a document.
  • Indent a paragraph in a document.
  • Change paragraph spacing in a document.
  • Identify options for setting and clearing tabs in a document.
  • Change a list of items into a bulleted or numbered list.
  • Add borders and shading to a paragraph.
  • Modify the page setup of a document.
  • Identify options for adding a header and footer to a document.
  • Insert page numbers into a document.
  • Insert a table into a Word document.
  • Identify methods for navigating a table.
  • Identify methods for selecting components in a table.
  • Insert a row or a column into a table.
  • Modify properties of a table.
  • Add a border to a table.
  • Add a picture to a document.
  • Add an image to a document.
  • Add a chart to a document.
  • Resize an image in a document.
  • Transfer an image within a document and between documents.
  • Create a main document by using an existing document.
  • Create a data source.
  • Modify a main document in Mail Merge.
  • Merge data from a data source into a main document.
  • Identify elements of proofing a document.
  • Correct text by using the Spelling and Grammar tool.
  • Add a word to a built-in custom dictionary.
  • Preview a document before printing.
  • Print a document by using the Print dialog box.

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