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The content of this course allows an individual to gain knowledge of spreadsheet concepts and how to use a spreadsheet application on a computer. The individual will learn to apply various tasks to a spreadsheet such as formatting, modifying the structure, applying standard formulas and functions as well as manipulating graphs and charts.

Learning Objectives
  • Open Excel 2000.
  • Open several workbooks.
  • Create a workbook.
  • Save an existing worksheet to a disk.
  • Get help by using the Office Assistant.
  • Identify features of the Help window.
  • Adjust the page magnification of a worksheet.
  • Modify the default toolbar display.
  • Freeze a row and a column.
  • Match options that can be modified with their functions.
  • Match the different types of data that can be entered into a worksheet with their definitions.
  • Select a cell or range of cells in a worksheet.
  • Insert a row or column into a worksheet.
  • Alter row height and column width in a worksheet.
  • Match worksheet data editing options with their methods of implementation.
  • Identify functions of the Cut, Copy, and Paste tools.
  • Identify methods of filling cell ranges by using the AutoFill feature.
  • Search for specific cell content.
  • Sort selected data in a worksheet in ascending and descending order.
  • Insert a new worksheet.
  • Delete a worksheet.
  • Match Move or Copy dialog box options with their methods.
  • Enter a basic formula into a cell.
  • Identify the characteristics of formula error messages.
  • Check a formula for errors.
  • Identify the guidelines for using either relative or absolute cell referencing.
  • Add up a row of data by using the AutoSum function.
  • Match Paste Functions with their descriptions.
  • Include an IF logical function in a formula.
  • Identify built-in formats for numbers.
  • Identify text formatting options available on the default formatting toolbar.
  • Copy the format of a cell to another cell.
  • Identify alignment options in the Format Cells dialog box.
  • Identify options in the Format Cells dialog box for adding a border.
  • Identify the Chart Wizard options for creating a chart.
  • Identify the options for editing chart titles and labels.
  • Change the color of a chart.
  • Change a chart type by using the Chart Type button.
  • Copy a chart within a worksheet.
  • Match methods for resizing charts with their functions.
  • Identify options in the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Identify options in the Header/Footer tab of the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Check worksheet text for spelling errors.
  • Preview a worksheet before printing.
  • Identify print display options.
  • Identify the options in the Print dialog box.

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