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The content of this course allows an individual to gain knowledge of using a presentation application on a computer to create, format and modify presentations using different slide layouts for display and printed distribution. The individual will learn to perform various tasks in a presentation such as copy and move text, manipulate pictures, images and charts as well as apply slide show effects.

Learning Objectives
  • Open and close PowerPoint 2000.
  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation.
  • Save an existing PowerPoint presentation to a hard disk.
  • Open several existing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Identify basic options in the PowerPoint application.
  • Search for help by using the Office Assistant and the Index.
  • Identify the functions of the PowerPoint display modes.
  • Change a slide layout.
  • Create a custom background on a slide.
  • Apply a design template to presentation slides.
  • Edit slide objects within and between presentations using the Cut, Copy, and Paste tools.
  • Identify views for manipulating slide text.
  • Identify options for formatting characters.
  • Identify options for adjusting text alignment and line spacing.
  • Modify a bulleted list.
  • Amend a picture in a slide.
  • Import an image into a slide.
  • Position a copied object in Slide Master by moving and resizing it.
  • Create a chart.
  • Identify options for modifying colors of a chart.
  • Create an organization chart.
  • Identify options for changing the hierarchical structure of an organization chart.
  • Sequence the steps to add a line to a slide.
  • Move a line on a slide.
  • Identify options for modifying arrow styles.
  • Identify options for adding shapes to a slide.
  • Move a shape between locations in presentations by using the Cut, Copy, and Paste tools.
  • Change the attributes of a shape.
  • Align a shape in a slide.
  • Order a shape in a slide.
  • Adjust page magnification for a presentation.
  • Modify the default toolbar display.
  • Start a slide show from any slide.
  • Hide a slide in a presentation.
  • Identify methods used to delete slides.
  • Identify options for manipulating preset animation effects in a presentation.
  • Add a transition effect to a slide.
  • Identify guidelines for selecting different output formats.
  • Identify options for checking spelling in the Spelling dialog box.
  • Identify options for adding information to a Footer.
  • Add notes to a presentation.
  • Identify options for printing a presentation.
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