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The content of this course allows an individual to gain knowledge of the concepts associated with using the Internet and to be aware of security issues when using the Internet. The individual will also learn to use a Web browsing application to perform searches, apply bookmarks and print Web pages and search output.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify features of the Internet.
  • Identify features of Web addresses.
  • Identify characteristics of Web browsers.
  • Identify features of search engines.
  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6).
  • Change the home page in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6).
  • Learn to hide and display a toolbar.
  • Identify features of the Help window.
  • Open a Web page.
  • Open a Web page in a new window.
  • Identify methods for navigating the Web.
  • Control the display of images on Web pages.
  • Identify features of a protected Web site.
  • Identify features of search operators and keywords.
  • Save a displayed Web page.
  • Download a file from the Internet.
  • Identify guidelines for protecting your computer against viruses when downloading files from the Internet.
  • Copy Web information from a Web page into a Microsoft Word document.
  • Identify methods of managing browser history.
  • Add a Web page to Favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6).
  • Organize and delete a Web page that is stored in Favorites.
  • Identify options in the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Print a Web page from Print Preview.
  • Identify types of information required to complete a Web-based form.
  • Identify considerations for using credit cards on the Internet.
  • Identify characteristics of caching.
  • Identify the privacy settings available in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.
  • Identify features of digital certificates.
  • Identify features of encryption.
  • Identify features of firewalls.
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