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The content of this course allows an individual to gain knowledge of the concepts to use an email application and to be aware of security issues associated with using email. The individual will also learn to use an email application to send and receive messages, attach files to email and to use folders and directories to manage email messages.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the features of electronic mail (e-mail).
  • Match parts of an e-mail address with their descriptions.
  • Identify appropriate e-mail etiquette within an organization.
  • Identify e-mail security considerations.
  • Open and exit Outlook 2000.
  • Obtain help by using the Outlook 2000 Office Assistant.
  • Obtain help by using the Answer Wizard tab in the Outlook 2000 Help window.
  • Open messages in the Preview pane and in their own windows.
  • Open several messages in Outlook 2000.
  • Reply to messages using Reply and Reply to All toolbar buttons in Outlook 2000.
  • Flag a message for follow up by using the Follow Up command.
  • Mark messages as read and unread in Outlook 2000.
  • Address an e-mail message.
  • Address a message using an address list.
  • Identify attributes of setting message priority.
  • Forward a message in Outlook 2000.
  • Check the spelling in a message by using the Outlook 2000 spelling checker.
  • Edit a message by using Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  • Edit text from another application into a message by using Cut, Copy, Paste, and the Delete key.
  • Open an Office file attachment in Outlook 2000.
  • Save a file attachment to a folder.
  • Attach a document to a message in Outlook 2000 by using the Insert menu.
  • Adjust the Inbox view in Outlook 2000.
  • Display a toolbar in Outlook 2000.
  • Identify techniques for managing messages in Outlook 2000.
  • Move messages to a new folder in Outlook 2000.
  • Identify options available in the Find tool to search for a message in Outlook 2000.
  • Sort messages according to the criteria given in the column headings.
  • Delete a message in Outlook 2000.
  • Print a message from Print Preview.
  • Create a personal distribution list.
  • Update the address book in incoming mail in Outlook 2000.

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