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This course discusses the new and improved navigation features of Internet Explorer 8, including the Smart Address bar, caret browsing, and tab grouping. The search features have also been improved to make it quicker and easier for you to perform a search from the Internet Explorer 8 search box. The Favorites bar now has a wider functionality, and Internet Explorer 8 also introduces a new feature called Web Slices, which let you view snippets of sites without leaving the site you're currently on. The History feature has a wider functionality that makes it easier to manage. Internet Explorer 8 also minimizes the interruption a tab or browser crash may cause you by recovering all tabs and information that may have been entered. And Compatibility View enables you to correctly display sites built for older browsers. This course focuses on the new features of Internet Explorer 8.

Learning Objectives
  • Navigate in IE 8
  • Recognize the search features of IE 8
  • Subscribe to a Web Slice
  • Recognize the features of the Favorites bar
  • Navigate and search in IE 8
  • Subscribe to a Web Slice
  • Use the History feature of IE 8
  • Identify the features of Compatibility View and crash recovery in IE 8
  • Manage your browsing history
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