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In today’s computing reality, security has become the number one concern of administrators and regular users alike. Windows Vista builds on Microsoft’s existing security mechanisms, such as Group Policy within Active Directory and Local Group Policy Objects to provide security for computer systems. Windows Vista also builds on the firewall protection introduced in Windows XP and integrates Microsoft’s Windows Defender software to protect against spyware and malware. This course covers the use of Group Policy, user account policies, Windows Firewall, and Windows Defender. As well, features new to Windows Vista – specifically User Account Control, Windows Security Center, and Windows CardSpace are described.

Learning Objectives
  • Set a policy on an account
  • Identify the benefits of using GPOs
  • Match the user account control policy with the scenario
  • Identify the features of User Account Control
  • Select the appropriate User Account control Policy for a given scenario
  • Configure Windows Defender
  • Recognize the features of Windows Vista Security Center
  • list the ways Windows Vista deals with unwanted software
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Control access to files and folders using NTFS permissions
  • Identify the features of BitLocker drive encryption
  • Identify the features of Windows CardSpace
  • Create an inbound rule in Windows Firewall
  • Set NTFS permissions
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