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Agile software development is an iterative, incremental approach to developing and releasing software. Agile principles include commitment to timely and ongoing software deliveries, changing requirements, simplicity in approach, and sustainable development cycles. The Agile method also promotes self-organizing, self-empowered, self-monitoring teams and individuals who work collaboratively with face-to-face communication. Agile development practices include frequent releases, ongoing testing, customer and stakeholder participation throughout the development process, co-ownership of code and pair-programming. In this course you will be introduced to the principles of agile project management during software development iterations. You will become familiar with agile practices in relation to project management tasks such as work scheduling, team meetings, change and risk management, progress monitoring, reports and reviews, and project scaling.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how developers select tasks and perform iteration balancing
  • Recognize how to use meetings and charts to support communication and collaboration during iterative development
  • Recognize ways to manage change, quality, and risk during iterative development
  • Recognize different charts that provide feedback during a project
  • Recognize the type of feedback provided by reviews in agile projects
  • Match typical agile project documentation with descriptions
  • Identify best practices for documentation in an agile project
  • Implementing agile management tasks
  • Monitor and communicate team progress
  • Work with documentation in an agile project
  • Identify issues with scaling agile projects
  • Identify the features of the scrum of scrums
  • Audience

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