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Object-oriented programming is an important feature of JavaScript. This course will explore the advantages and implications of object-oriented programming, and prepare the learner to create and utilize user-defined objects in JavaScript. It will also introduce key objects that are part of the JavaScript language, including String, Math, Number, and Date objects, as well as arrays. The course will survey common methods and contexts for using these native objects. This course is one of a series covering the fundamentals of the JavaScript language.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the benefits of object-oriented programming
  • Recognize how JavaScript uses the concepts of extensibility and encapsulation
  • Recognize the basic structure and function of the Object object in JavaScript
  • Recognize how to create and use an object
  • Recognize how the prototype object extends an object
  • Create a constructor function for an object
  • Extend an object using the prototype object
  • Create an object of a particular type
  • Recognize the appropriate String object method to use in a given scenario
  • Recognize how to define elements for an array object
  • Recognize how to use the appropriate array object method to achieve a desired result
  • Recognize how to fill in the appropriate Math method to give a desired result
  • Recognize how to use a method of the Number object to return a given result
  • Recognize how to return a date or time using the Date object
  • Use objects to calculate numerical and date information
  • Use String object methods to check character codes and store data in an array
  • Use Array object methods to process and write selected elements
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