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The various distributions of Linux are becoming more and more popular. This course examines the history of Linux, the different flavors that are available, and the file structures used. This course also examines the methods that can be used to secure Linux systems, along with the tools that can be used both to test the security, and to penetrate it. Finally, this course examines the countermeasures that can be put in place to maintain the security of Linux systems. This course also assists students who are preparing for the EC Council's Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (CEHv6) exam 312-50.

Learning Objectives
  • Sequence the steps to compile a Linux kernel
  • Assign specific permissions to a file or directory in Linux
  • Recognize the purposes of Linux hacking tools
  • Recognize the purpose of Linux security tools
  • Recognize where information is stored in Linux and basic Linux commands
  • Recognize the commands for scanning and remote control for certain Linux hacking tools
  • Recognize how to assign permissions to users, groups, and others in Linux
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