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Planning and designing sites based on customer requirements is an essential aspect of web development. This course covers the key aspects of planning and designing sites for users, ensuring that sites have gone through site functionality testing, and also explores the use of active content and multimedia in site development. This course is part of a series in the designing, developing, and hosting a web site path.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize how to plan the front-end and back-end elements of a web site
  • Determine the most appropriate content policy in a given scenario
  • Identify back-end web site design considerations
  • Identify common page layout formats and the methods used to structure them
  • Recognize the role played by color and font in effective web design
  • Identify the optimal screen resolution for a web site
  • Recognize how to perform a site functionality test
  • Identify tools used in site functionality tests
  • Devise a site development plan and a testing methodology
  • Define active content
  • Recognize the function of Adobe Flash in web site development
  • Recognize alternatives to Adobe Flash for adding interactivity to a web site
  • Recognize the function of browser plug-ins
  • Recognize the function of browser viewers
  • Distinguish between common text file formats
  • Distinguish between common graphics, audio, and video file formats
  • Select the appropriate multimedia file format in a given scenario
  • Audience

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