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''''Elder abuse is a disturbing reality in today''''s society.

The risk of being abused, neglected, or exploited is real for many older people. Family members or other caregivers are most often the abusers.

The problem crosses all geographic, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic barriers, and healthcare workers must know how to recognize and report this heinous crime.

This course provides an in-depth look at the crime, the causes, and the reporting mechanisms for elder abuse.

About The Authors

Marilyn Weese
Marilyn Weese has a bachelor of arts degree in education, with a minor in English. She is the owner of New Horizons Write, a group of educators who are
also freelance technical writers specializing in research and development of courses for continuing education, continuing professional education, and adult education.

Nicholette Abrams
Nicki Abrams is a licensed practical nurse, and has trained patients and nurses in all aspects of perito neal dialysis, provided patient care in an acute-care setting on an on-call basis, covering three hospitals in Volusia County, Florida. She has provided primary patient care in a sub-acute rehabilitation facility and func tioned as a team leader working with nursing assistants and physical and occupational therapists. She has also provided direct patient care for oncology and renal patients in an acute-care setting.''''

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