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As we move towards more applications being delivered via the cloud, and businesses using a cloud computing models, we also need to consider the implications for the management of identity. This course ensures you are familiar with identity and access management (IAM) and the common industry protocols used to extend identity to the cloud. It covers the concept of federation between different CSPs and businesses, the need for proper identity and access control management, and it also explores the use of a Cloud Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering. The course also discusses the importance of understanding the presence and privacy factors when conducting business in the cloud and how it is crucial to understand the CSP's responsibility to not only provide security but also a proper level of privacy.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize the need for identity and access management
  • Match the key operational areas involved in identity and access management to their descriptions
  • Recognize examples of cloud use cases that require IAM support from cloud service providers
  • Identify some key cloud federation considerations
  • Describe the characteristics of Single Sign-On
  • Match the challenges associated with the use Identity as a Service to the user group to which they apply
  • Classify the pros and cons of using IDaaS as an identity management solution
  • Specify the need for identity and access management in a given scenario
  • Propose an access solution for a given scenario
  • Describe the considerations involved in using IDaaS
  • Describe the technical requirements a business must meet to take advantage of presence information
  • Match the main components of a presence service to its description
  • Identify the security requirements for presence
  • Describe the key privacy concerns in a cloud computing environment
  • Match the security measures to the phases of the data life cycle
  • Describe the technical and security factors involved in leveraging presence in the cloud
  • Specify the key security and privacy considerations involved in operation in the cloud
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