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As with any IT system resource, a backup and restore plan should be documented and followed to ensure no data is lost in case of an unexpected failure. System Center Essentials 2010 is a management system that provides a central location for administrators to manage clients and servers within their organizations. Essentials uses databases in SQL Server to store all the data that is recorded during the management of the computers, and these databases need to be backed up to ensure this information is not lost. If there is a failure, there also needs to be a documented plan for restoring the data to have Essential back online with minimal downtime. To troubleshoot issues with System Center Essentials, log files are provided to give more insight into the issue and to help resolve it quickly. This course discusses how to back up System Center Essentials and how to restore it after a failure. It also discusses how to troubleshoot common installation, configuration, and features issues.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the key characteristics of Essentials database backup strategies
  • Identify what data to back up in System Center Essentials to prepare for a potential restore operation
  • Identify how to perform Essentials database backup tasks
  • Distinguish between restoring Essentials on single-server deployment and remote-server deployments
  • Restore the encryption key
  • Prepare to backup Essentials data
  • Perform Essentials database backup tasks
  • Specify how to approach and perform key restoration tasks
  • Recognize how to troubleshoot common Essentials installation issues
  • Match common System Center Essentials 2010 problems with their solutions
  • Specify how to approach troubleshooting common Essentials issues
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