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An open-source system with many variants, UNIX is one of the most widely-used OSes in the world. It has gained success in personal use markets such as desktop PCs (with UNIX-based operating systems like Linux and Mac OSX), and in smartphones with the Android OS. Used by individuals, companies and organizations for a variety of applications, commercial UNIX systems include Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX and HP-UX. One of the things that makes UNIX so popular is its sophisticated security features. System administrators can exert precise controls over UNIX systems, both locally (workstation) and remotely (network and Internet). This course demonstrates how UNIX system security works, including file permissions and folder security, UNIX kernel tuning, CRON security, the prevention of anonymous shutdown, and the UNIX password system.

Learning Objectives
  • Set permissions for files
  • Set permissions for files and directories
  • Recognize the basics of UNIX file system security
  • Tune the UNIX kernel
  • Manage cron scheduling
  • Prevent anonymous shutdowns
  • Block a user's access to a UNIX system
  • Change a user's password security values
  • Configure UNIX for security
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