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The primary method for running JavaScript on the client side is through the web browser. This course covers browser features, such as CSS, working with browser windows, getting information about users, and other browser manipulations.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Access the document object model and use it to set CSS properties
  • Add and manipulate CSS styles by using JavaScript code
  • Access a CSS style sheet using JavaScript
  • Add a CSS style to a style sheet using JavaScript
  • Remove a CSS style from a style sheet using JavaScript
  • Disable and enable a style sheet
  • Use getElementById to get and change the content of elements
  • Use the window object to create new browser windows
  • Use the History object to navigate the browser's history
  • Use the Alert, Prompt, and Confirm dialog boxes in JavaScript codes
  • Use JavaScript to refer to and manipulate form values
  • Use the navigator object to retrieve and display browser properties
  • Obtain user information by using JavaScript
  • Retrieve a user's location and redirect the user to another page
  • Detect screen features using JavaScript
  • Use document.cookie to store values for later use
  • Find the value of a specific cookie
  • Resize windows by using the resizeBy and resizeTo methods in JavaScript
  • Use the moveBy method in JavaScript to move a window, relative to its current location
  • Use the moveTo method in JavaScript to move the window to a particular location
  • Use JavaScript to close browser windows
  • Use the replace method to change the document being used in a browser
  • Use the scrollTo method to automatically scroll to a specific location
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