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It is vitally important for the user to know which settings allow a safer browsing experience. This course also covers ActiveX control filtering and pop-ups, as well as form completion on the Web and the impacts thereof. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Internet Explorer 11.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Define what an ActiveX control is and how it could affect interaction with content
  • Adjust Internet Explorer 11 settings to have a safer browsing experience
  • Adjust settings to turn ActiveX Filtering on and off in Internet Explorer 11
  • Enable settings to automatically prompt for ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer 11
  • Determine the preferred level of blocking pop-ups in Internet Explorer 11
  • Block all pop-ups, including on Local Intranet or Trusted Site security zones, in Internet Explorer 11
  • Determine when to turn on pop-up blocker or turn off pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer 11
  • Turn off notifications when pop-ups are blocked in Internet Explorer 11
  • Configure settings in Internet Explorer 11 to enable personal information to populate automatically when filling out forms on the Web
  • Recognize when to use the AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer 11
  • Configure Pop-up blocker and ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 11
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