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Computer peripherals and mobile devices have a lot in common when troubleshooting these devices. Knowing how these devices should work and identifying common problems is part of maintenance.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe troubleshooting speakers
  • Describe no Bluetooth connectivity
  • Describe why the GPS is not functioning
  • Troubleshooting External Monitors and Touchscreens
  • Describe NAT vs DNAT
  • Describe common TCP/IP ports
  • Describe static vs dynamic IP addresses
  • Describe unable to decrypt e-mail
  • Describe battery chargers for mobile devices
  • Describe physically protecting mobile devices
  • Describe wireless locator
  • Describe wireless indicator
  • Describe troubleshooting mobile devices
  • Describe apps not loading
  • Describe extremely short battery life
  • Describe swollen battery
  • Describe image processing
  • Describe troubleshooting image processing
  • Describe inkjet printers
  • Describe dot matrix printers
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