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This is the class you wish you had instead of the manual that came with your calculator. This is a flash multimedia interactive class and is accessible 24/7.

It first introduces you to your calculator and goes into to detail when describing the various keys and their functions. It also tells you how to correct all of those "annoying" and inexplicable changes that appear on your display screen.

The course then walks you through the use of the calculator to solve basic Time/Value/Money problems. After you have mastered the fundamentals of T/V/M, the program will build on your knowledge to help you solve more advanced calculations, including uneven cash flow problems of Internal rate of Return and Net Present Value. It even attacks the "dreaded college funding" question.

The unique feature this class offers that others don't is that it anticipates your errors and directs to a section that will help you correct your errors before progressing and prepare you for all of the course work and professional exams that lie between you and success.

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