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Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Series and Exam

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Wisconsin Workers Compensation Act including the history of the act and current structure of the Worker's Compensation Division, Conditions of Liability under the Act and benefits at issue. The Basic Benefit Structure includes the following : average weekly wage computation, extent of temporary disability, scheduled and unscheduled permanent impairments, death benefits, medical expense, and penalties.. You will also cover the hearing procedure in Wisconsin, and specific issues in handling claims including case valuation.

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Insurance System Overview

 Learn the ins and outs of how insurance companies operate in Wisconsin. This module covers the technical aspects of insurance in Wisconsin including how insurance underwriters determine the premium employers pay and what factors drive up the cost of a workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Legal Module 1: Wisconsin Legal System Overview and review of the Conditions of Liability under the WCA

This module gives a brief history of Wisconsin's WCA and the structure of the Worker's Compensation Division. We will then review the conditions of liability, including who are covered employers and employees in addition to specific exclusions. The specifics of what constitute an injury, including medical and legal causation will be explained. Issues of "course of employment" and "arising out the employment" will be explained and distinguished. Causation in traumatic injuries and occupation disease will be defined and analyzed.

Legal Module 2: Basic Benefit Structure of the WCA

Once the conditions of liability are met, the question of what benefits are paid to the injured worker arises. In this module, the benefit structure will be explained. We will begin with an overview of potential benefits and move the calculation of the average weekly wage, from which indemnity benefits are the derived. We will then discuss the benefits of temporary disability, total and partial permanent disability, disfigurement, death benefits and medical expense. In this process, the distinction between schedule and non schedule permanent disability will be explained, in addition to claims for vocational retraining. Various penalties for safety issues and employment terminations will also be addressed.

Legal Module 3 Practical Issues in Claim Handling

A variety of practical issues in managing the worker's compensation claim are covered in this module. Issues ranging from statements at the beginning of the investigation through settlement of the claim are discussed. These include proper use of statements, the effect of an employment termination, use of independent medical examinations and proper use of video surveillance. In addition, practical issues of pleadings, settlement concerns and the valuation of a case will be covered.

Legal Module 4: Update on Worker’s Compensation in Wisconsin 2008

Annual live Webinar This  recorded Webinar provides up-to-the-minute information on new Wisconsin Supreme Court cases, Court of Appeals cases, decisions of the Labor and Industry Review Commission and legislative changes. 

Legal Module 5: Trends in Wisconsin Workers' Compensation 2009-Coming Soon!


One exam is included in the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Series. It consists of 50 questions with a 90 minute time period. You must first take the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Series training modules before taking this exam. You will have one attempt to pass this exam. The pass mark is 75%.

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