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Microsoft Office 2010: PowerPoint

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PowerPoint 2010 provides you with all the tools necessary to create and present engaging and effective presentations. As an advanced user, you can take advantage of features that allow you to customize your animations to create just the right effect. PowerPoint has tools for getting your animations to move at the right speed and in the right order. There are also built-in tools, such as the animation painter, that allow you to easily apply an animation scheme to the entire presentation in one easy step. Once you have perfected your presentation, you can set and rehearse timings, create mouse-over actions for elements on a slide, and record your presentation for automatic delivery. There are also many tools that make the presentation of your slide show easy and effective, such as highlighters and laser pointers. These tools and features are all covered in this course.
  • create a custom animation using PowerPoint 2010
  • apply triggers to animated objects on a slide
  • configure the settings for a custom slide show
  • match slide show types with corresponding examples of when you would use them
  • set up an action button for a user-run slide show presentation
  • recognize the procedure for recording narration and slide timings
  • recognize how to use presentation tools available in PowerPoint 2010
  • add multiple visual and audio effects to a slide
  • set up a slide show as per given specifications
  • use presentation tools during a slide show presentation
Today people can collaborate on the development of PowerPoint presentations in new and exciting ways. With the proper technological infrastructure in place, PowerPoint has the capability of allowing multiple people to work on the single presentation at the same time. An alternative to co-authoring a presentation with other team members is to send the presentation as an e-mail attachment, save it to a web site, burn it on a CD, or broadcast it live over the Internet. To simplify the process of reviewing and accepting or rejecting changes, you can now merge the reviewed version with your original version into one presentation. This course explores these topics and many other collaboration features available in PowerPoint 2010. Also covered are proofing, language, and research tools, along with options for printing and protecting a presentation.
  • use the proofing tools available in PowerPoint 2010
  • using the translation tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • use review tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • use the merge and compare tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • collaborate with one or more team members on a PowerPoint presentation
  • match file format options in PowerPoint 2010 with their corresponding purposes
  • use tools to distribute PowerPoint presentations over the Internet
  • protect a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • prepare a PowerPoint 2010 presentation for printing
  • proof and research words on a slide
  • finalize a reviewed version of a presentation and upload it to the Web
  • protect a presentation and prepare for printing
PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation program that allows you to create professional-looking slide-show presentations. This course provides an introduction to the main components of the PowerPoint 2010 interface. It covers opening and saving a presentation, working with slides, formatting text and text boxes, and using templates and themes to create professional looking presentations.
  • identify key elements of the PowerPoint 2010 interface
  • change the view of a presentation
  • open, save, and close a PowerPoint presentation
  • recognize methods for opening a PowerPoint presentation
  • open a PowerPoint 2010 template
  • add and format text and text boxes on a PowerPoint slide
  • manipulate slides in a PowerPoint presentation
  • open a presentation and format text boxes
  • organize slides and save a PowerPoint presentation
PowerPoint 2010 enables you to create visually appealing presentations through the use of graphics. Adding simple enhancements through the use of themes, tables, charts, and SmartArt allows you to create more engaging and interesting presentations. This course introduces the various themes and SmartArt features that allow you to add flair to your presentations by using colors and shapes to emphasize text and data. Also covered are the various ways of incorporating diagrams, tables, and charts to create a professional and effective presentation.
  • apply a theme to a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • modify a PowerPoint theme
  • create and format SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010
  • add WordArt to a slide and edit it
  • add a table to a PowerPoint slide
  • add a chart to a PowerPoint slide
  • format a table in PowerPoint 2010
  • format a chart in PowerPoint 2010
  • work with a theme in PowerPoint 2010
  • work with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2010
  • work with a chart in PowerPoint 2010
  • work with a table in PowerPoint 2010
Inserting images, such as photographs, clip art, and shapes, into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation can help to capture and keep the attention of your audience. This course will show you how to insert, format, and apply special effects to your images so that they provide the maximum impact for your presentation. You will learn how to create a photo album and create a presentation that effectively displays your favorite photos. In addition, you will be shown how to use the new built-in screen capture tool that enables you to capture and embed screenshots of other programs into your slides.
  • insert and format a picture used in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • create a photo album in PowerPoint 2010
  • insert and format clip art using PowerPoint 2010
  • insert and format a shape using PowerPoint 2010
  • apply special effects to an image using PowerPoint 2010
  • add a hyperlink to an object using PowerPoint 2010
  • insert and edit a graphic image in a PowerPoint presentation
  • find and add clip art to a PowerPoint slide
  • format a shape and add a hyperlink in a PowerPoint presentation
PowerPoint 2010 can help you make presentations more dynamic by adding audio and video clips to any slide. You can directly insert, edit, and play video in your presentation, as well as add audio clips to create attention-grabbing sound effects. PowerPoint 2010 also has new animation tools and slide transitions which make slide shows more fluid and interesting. All of these features are discussed in this course.
  • insert a video into a PowerPoint presentation
  • insert an audio clip into a PowerPoint presentation and set playback options
  • apply slide transitions in a PowerPoint presentation
  • apply animations to a slide in a PowerPoint presentation
  • match types of animations with corresponding uses
  • add a video and an audio clip to a slide
  • apply a transition to a presentation
  • apply animations to multiple objects on a slide

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