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This course examines compensation policies, programs, and activities. Instruction is provided on job evaluations, pricing, and pay structures, as well as common organizational pay programs. Compensation policies and programs are also discussed, as well as how to manage payroll-related information. This course helps prepare individuals for the Human Resource Certification Institute's (HRCI) PHR and SPHR certification examinations.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe job evaluation methods
  • Describe the components of pay structures
  • Describe various types of base-pay systems
  • Identify examples of situations suited to differential pay
  • Identify types of incentive pay plans
  • Recognize FLSA requirements for payroll record-keeping
  • Identify the components of employee master files
  • Identify the key considerations for choosing a payroll system
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Compensation and Benefits: Managing Policies, Programs, and Activities (Retired) Online course
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