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NOTE: This course provides less than 1 hour of continuing education credit and will not be accepted in states that require CE courses to provide a minimum of 1 hour of continuing education in a single learning session (e.g., Florida). For information on current CE requirements in your state, consult your state's licensure board for nurses.

To complete this course, you must do the following:

  • Read the Overall and Course Objectives.
  • Study the Terminology.
  • Study the Content.
  • Complete the Learning Activity.
  • Complete the Post Test with a passing score of 80% or more.

    Preventing Medication Errors Part 3: What Nurses Can Do is the third of three programs on preventing medication errors. It introduces best practices that nurses can put in place in their own day-to-day activities, and in patient involvement and education so that they can make a difference and protect patients from medication errors.

    The material is organized around the following categories:

  • Course Overview
  • Terminology
  • Introduction
  • Joint Commission Safety Measures
  • Patient Involvement and Education
  • Conclusion

    The purpose of this program is to describe practices and safe medication measures recommended by the Joint Commission to prevent medication errors, and convey the importance of patient involvement and education as a means of preventing medication errors.

    After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Describe safe medication practice measures recommended by the Joint Commission.
  • Describe the importance of involving patients themselves in the treatment process as a means of ensuring safer medication administration.

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