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''''These ten courses together form the underpinnings of Medicare mastery. Participate in the entire Mastering Medicare Series curriculum for a learning experience in Medicare that will enhance your ability to provide superior services and a higher standard in quality.

Course 1: Determining Homebound Status

Explore the four components of homebound status and discover how to determine whether or not a patient meets Medicare’s homebound criteria. Learn to identify the requirements your patients must meet to satisfy Medicare’s homebound criteria. Explore the issue of patients’ absences from home and identify key circumstances that may jeopardize your patients homebound status.

Course 2: Documenting Homebound Status

Learn to document the patient’s homebound determination and prevent claim denials. Gain a clear understanding of how the four components of homebound status relate to comprehensive assessment. You will feel more confident as you learn to clearly communicate a strong rationale for your patients’ homebound status using the clinical record.

Course 3: The Qualifying Services

Explore Medicare qualifying criteria in this introduction to the six Medicare-covered services. Gain an in-depth understanding of how a patient qualifies for Medicare coverage through a need for therapy or intermittent skilled nursing.

Updated Objectives

  • Describe the service that qualifies a patient for Medicare-covered homecare

  • Determine whether patients qualify for Medicare coverage given the homecare services they need
Course 4: Framework for Covered Services

Examine the framework of covered services under the Medicare homecare benefit. Take a closer look at some of the unique considerations for select covered services, including daily skilled nursing, home health aide, therapy assistant, and other services. Prevent denials for part-time or intermittent services (28/35 rule).

Updated Objectives

  • Describe the framework for Medicare coverage when a patient needs daily skilled nursing

  • Determine appropriate utilization of home health aide services
Course 5: Skilled Procedures

Learn the definition and implications of the skilled, and reasonable and necessary criteria. Examine how these criteria apply to skilled procedures. Both new and experienced staff can benefit from a better understanding of how to apply CMS rules to determine whether a skilled procedure meets Medicare criteria for coverage. Plus learn how to communicate a cohesive rationale for Medicare coverage of a skilled procedure in your documentation.

Course 6: Observation and Assessment

Explore the regulatory requirements for Medicare coverage surrounding observation and assessment services. In a two-step process, you will uncover Medicare coverage criteria for observation and assessment and then you will be able to apply this knowledge to documentation to support the patient’s plan.

Course 7: Teaching and Training Activities

Determine how the skilled, and reasonable and necessary criteria apply to patient teaching and training activities by homecare clinicians. Identify if a patient’s educational needs meets Medicare criteria. Learn documentation strategies to build a supportive clinical record.

Course 8: Management and Evaluation

Gain a better understanding of the regulatory requirements surrounding management and evaluation services. Explore how this knowledge can help you and learn to build documentation that supports your rationale for Medicare coverage.

Course 9: Completing the Plan of Care

This orientation will explain the process of completing the CMS-485, Home Health Certification and Plan of Care. In this course, you will learn about the purpose of the plan of care. You will also be abl''''

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