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Microsoft Lync 2010 video collection

15 videos    $99.00
Title Author Info
Searching for Contacts Erin Olsen 2 minutes
Starting An IM Session Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Updating Status and Location Information Erin Olsen 6 minutes
Viewing Activity Feeds Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Adding or Changing our Lync Picture Erin Olsen 5 minutes
Adding Phone Numbers and Settings Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Adding to Frequent Contacts Erin Olsen 2 minutes
Changing Contact Display with Layout Options Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Changing Privacy Categories for Contacts Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Creating and Adding Contacts to Groups Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Exploring the Action Bar Erin Olsen 4 minutes
Getting Started with Lync 2010 Erin Olsen 6 minutes
Making a Phone Call Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Reviewing a Contact Card Erin Olsen 3 minutes
Sharing a Screen Erin Olsen 4 minutes
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Microsoft Lync 2010 video collection
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