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PowerShell can be used for all day-to-day mailbox management tasks in Exchange Server. This course looks at many facets of mailbox management, from reporting to archiving, setting quotas and effecting mailbox repairs.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Configure out of office and auto reply settings on behalf of a user in Microsoft Exchange
  • Create a rule for a single user mailbox and for a number of user mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange
  • Configure permissions at a mailbox level and at an individual folder level in Microsoft Exchange
  • Import Outlook user thumbnail photos into Active Directory using Exchange Management Shell
  • Produce, format, filter, and output reports on the size and attributes of mailboxes using Exchange Management Shell
  • Move single and batched mailboxes to target databases using Microsoft Exchange Management Shell MoveRequest cmdlets
  • Create and manage In-place Archive mailboxes and their size quotas using cmdlets in the Exchange Management Shell
  • Use Exchange Management Shell cmdlets to import or export user or archive mailboxes to PST files and review their status
  • Use the Search-Mailbox cmdlet from within the Exchange Management Shell to search for and delete e-mails across multiple mailboxes
  • Reconnect disconnected mailboxes or connect them to a new user account using the Microsoft Exchange Management Shell
  • Generate mailbox folder reports in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • View all the recently created mailboxes using the Exchange Management Suite in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Place mailboxes on an in-place hold in Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Set storage quotas on mailboxes in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Identify and remove inactive mailboxes on the server in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Detect and repair corruption in mailboxes and databases in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Restore deleted or purged items to a user's mailbox in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Create and manage Public Folders and Public Folder Mailboxes in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Create mailbox and Public Folder statistics reports in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
  • Configure Public Folder permissions using Outlook roles in Microsoft PowerShell and Exchange
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