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Fragrance Sensitivity and ADA Reasonable Accommodations – Your Perfume is making me Sick
It took decades for the workplace to acknowledge the dangers of smoking; fragrance sensitivity is following the same trajectory. This webinar training will explore how the Americans with Disability Act defines fragrance sensitivity and the broader definition under the Amendment Act. It will further discuss developing a workplace fragrance sensitivity policy and recent significant fragrance sensitivity cases.
Course "Fragrance Sensitivity in the Workplace and ADA - Your Perfume is Making Me Sick!" has been pre-approved by HRCI as eligible for 1 credits towards a participant's recertification upon full completion.

Why Should You Attend:
There are a number of conditions that make it difficult for someone to be exposed to fragrances and chemicals. Allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including but not limited to dizziness, vomiting, respiratory distress, headaches and skin conditions. Any of these symptoms make it difficult, if not impossible, for the employee experiencing them to work efficiently.
In the extreme case where an employee’s fragrance sensitivity is severe enough to substantially limit his or her ability to perform their essential job functions, the employee may be deemed to have a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If so, an employer has a duty to provide a reasonable accommodation to the employee, if one exists, unless the accommodation would result in an undue hardship for the employer.
In this webinar you will learn your obligations to recognize a fragrance sensitivity request for a reasonable accommodation and how to grant it to assist the employee, comply with the law and protect your company against legal claims and disputes.

Learning Objectives:
Courts’ opinion with employer’s obligation with fragrance sensitivity
Fragrance sensitivity and employees’ work performance
Undue hardship defense
Interactive process from A-Z
Areas Covered in the Webinar:
Americans with Disability Act and definition of disability
Broader definition under the Amendment Act
Employers’ compliance with the Americans with Disability Act
Fragrance sensitivity – definition/prevention/treatment/mitigating symptoms
New ADA guidelines for fragrance sensitivity
How to handle fragrance sensitivity requests for accommodation?
The interactive process
Reasonable accommodations vs. perfect accommodations – courts’ opinion
Examples of reasonable accommodations for fragrance sensitivity
Courts’ opinion with regards to workplace fragrance sensitivity policy
Developing a workplace fragrance sensitivity policy
Recent significant fragrance sensitivity cases
**Bonus Material:
Reasonable Accommodation Interactive Package

Who Will Benefit:
HR Professionals
HR Consultants
Office Managers
Business Owners
Compliance Officers
Managers and Supervisors
Employee Relations Professionals
Employee Assistance Professionals
Safety Managers

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Fragrance Sensitivity and ADA Reasonable Accommodations – Your Perfume is making me Sick
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