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TrainUp Voices: Meet the Team: Wes Lanning, TrainUp Sales Director

In this edition of TrainUp Voices, we are taking some time to introduce you to our sales director, Wes Lanning. Wes has been on the TrainUp team since the beginning, and works tirelessly here to provide the best customer service and training solutions available, while upholding our company core values of Family, Integrity, and creativity.

I […]

Social norms, unwritten rules, and the Horrors when you break them.

It is invisible, it is respected, it is unwritten, and it is law. I’m writing today about something that need not be transcribed on paper, but that we follow as instinct. This elusive force is woven into the fabric of our society, and in every society ever on earth. This is so valuable, so integrated, […]

How to get the most out of your virtual course

Virtual courses are becoming ever more popular these days, as priorities and schedules shift, and training is becoming more accessible and convenient. Gone are the days of mandatory travel, and four-walled classrooms. Here we are, the generation that welcomes class attendance from home, office, coffee shop, or even a Wi-Fi enabled, sunshine-soaked community park. After […]

2016: It wasn’t terrible

So, we can all agree that this year had its share of upsets, I mean, we lost Prince, Bowie, and Princess Leah….Nuff’ Said. However, amidst the tragedies, there were a few good things that happened as well. Here at TrainUp, we like to stay positive, and so we would like to remind you of the […]

Customer Service and the Customer Experience

What does Customer Service mean? It is far more than simply the method in which an agent speaks with a customer. In fact, Forbes defines the customer experience as the “cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints”. The creation of a positive customer interaction can be a challenge, considering there are so many facets related with a […]

The 5 most important skills in Business

In the world of business, there are a few key abilities that we must recognize in order to be successful. Although there are many attributes to be considered, here at TrainUp, we have narrowed it down, (in no particular order), to what we feel are the 5 most important skills for success across any industry.



“We […]

How Office Gossip is Killing your Company

Gossip is a wicked thing. It can bring a business to its knees. I have seen it, studied it, and watched it fester. Gossip spreads like a cancer, hurts innocent people, and creeps in right under your nose.

It begins with a ring leader, this is one unhappy person who spends their time recruiting followers. In […]

The art of interviewing: De-coding the hardest Questions.

Super! You heard about a great new job, sent in your resume, and now you have landed an interview. Way-to-go you! After a few well-earned celebratory minutes inside your head, the smile quickly disappears from your face, your heart drops into your shoes, and your palms start to sweat as you realize what is ahead […]

Life Imitating Art

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life”. – Oscar Wilde
Today’s inventors are often inspired by the world of make-believe. The ones who watched sci-fi and read fantasy books growing up, these “Nerds”, as some would call them, are the foreseers of modern technology. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take a […]