Why you’d be CRAZY not to go virtual Live.

Sometimes when you are searching for continuing education classes, you may only find virtual live training, and that is not a bad thing!

I get the call all the time, someone calls our office looking for training in a particular topic, but they only want this in a physical classroom setting. When they realize that it is only offered in virtual live format for the area that they live in, they hesitate. Now, I understand the desire to be face to face with an instructor, the need to feel acknowledged and that you can stop the instructor at any moment to ask a question and receive individualized attention. Some people can learn no other way. The unfortunate reality is, that most people still think this type of attention can only be achieved by sharing a physical classroom with that trainer, and that is simply not so!

Virtual Live training is as interactive as it gets. Why would you shy away from a form of learning that gives you all the benefits of a physical classroom, except being able to throw an eraser at the trainer? I mean, is being able to breathe in the same frosty air conditioned air as them really all that necessary?  In the virtual class, you can see and hear your LIVE trainer, and communicate with them directly. You may actually prefer this training method because you access this live training event remotely, in your own pajama bottoms, at your own computer, in your home with the thermostat set to your own liking. What could be better than that? Oh yeah, and you don’t have to fight traffic in the morning either to get to class. The only reason you would even have to put on pants is if you wanted to take this class at work.

I personally like the thought of sitting in a sunny park under a big shady oak tree while I login and take my live virtual classes. Where could you see yourself participating from? As long as you can connect to the internet, you can take it from ANYWHERE: a rooftop, a boat, a plane, a coffee shop, a hotel lounge, an airport, your home office, your comfy couch…..and on and on….

Some of the Virtual Live classes are offered in Classroom Virtual format. This is a unique hybrid learning style. Similar to our standard virtual Live Training, with Classroom Virtual Live training, you can enjoy learning from a live instructor, who is remotely delivering training to you though live web feed. However, these virtual online live training events can also be taken at the local training facility, where a headset and computer will be provided for you. This is a great option for you folks who can’t get peace and quiet at home (kids, husbands, etc.) or for the folks that need assistance with setting up the technical requirements.

Most virtual live classes require internet access, and sometimes split monitors are preferred for the best experience, but not actually required as you can also do fine using a laptop, (the best experience is with dual monitors however: one to see the trainer, and the other for working on the interactive activities within the class). A headset is good to have also, but is also not required to communicate with the trainer. If you don’t have a headset or a computer microphone, you can type in questions for the instructor to answer like an instant chat feature. You will most definitely need a computer with sound to be able to hear your trainer and other students speaking in the class.

Another AMAZING perk of this learning format is that you have access to the recorded version of the class after you participate in the live session. So, even if you get up to use the restroom, someone rings the doorbell, your kid spilt something, or your dog needs to go outside and you miss a couple minutes of the class, you have the ability to revisit it and review. Maybe in a couple of weeks you forget something, well how cool is it that you can go back and review it all for free! Can a physical classroom do that? Nope.

So truthfully, Virtual Live learning is the future of continuing education. It is convenient, it is interactive, and it is everything you could ever need or want in a learning experience. The next time you are looking for training, do not rule virtual live out. In Fact, make it your priority, because, why the heck wouldn’t you?!