Meet the Team: Wes Lanning, TrainUp Sales Director

In this edition of TrainUp Voices, we are taking some time to introduce you to our sales director, Wes Lanning. Wes has been on the TrainUp team since the beginning, and works tirelessly here to provide the best customer service and training solutions available, while upholding our company core values of Family, Integrity, and creativity.

I interviewed Wes to get an inside view of the TrainUp sales and support team, and expose what it is really like to work with our customers daily. Here is what Wes had to say:


Wes, if you could say one thing to our customers, what would it be?

“Invest in your Brand! If a certification is available that you want to earn, but your company won’t pay for you to earn it, do it anyway on your own. Invest in yourself, broaden your skills in the workplace. You never know when things will change, and you may need it some day when looking for a new job opportunity.”


What advice would you give to those looking to buy training on our website?

“Search nationally on our website first, then filter the results by your local area. The reason for this, is that there may be a training event that looks really beneficial to you, but is not held in your local area. You may wish to travel to another location in order to attend this training.”


How do you think the team at TrainUp is different from others in this industry?

“Our team is diverse in their knowledge. TrainUp represents many training companies that supply many different types of training. We understand each different provider, and also the differences between each class listed on our website. That means that our representatives have the ability to speak to customers about a variety of topics, without having to differ to different people who are experts in only one single subject. The same representative can assist you in finding the appropriate leadership class, and then immediately assist you with another need in anything else, like Microsoft Office, or Network security training.”


Describe TrainUp’s ideal customer:

“There is no cookie-cutter ideal customer for TrainUp. We can assist anybody with a common goal of continuing their professional development. If your goal is to learn, contact us.”


In a nut shell, Wes is the man with the answers. Wes has over 23 years of training sales experience under his belt, furthermore, he is completely customer focused and makes it his mission to help everyone with every request, no matter how large or small. One unique thing about calling our office is that even if there is a need that we cannot help you with, Wes and the support team will make the time to suggest additional resources, and use his extensive industry knowledge to find alternatives for you from various outside sources. Where else can you call, and get that level of customer service? The answer is, very few places, regardless of the industry. This level of dedication, from this team, is the reason is the ultimate tool to find all of your training.



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