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'This 7 hour course is valid for Washington and includes the following topics:
  • Business Ethics

    * ethical practices of a service business
    * Reputation, and the impact of the loss of reputation.
    * Company’s character and the company’s image
    * "Gray areas"

  • Responsibility to uphold the companies’ reputation.

    * Standards of practice
    * Varying degrees of adherence to ethical standards

  • History of NAR and Realtor

    * Code of Ethics
    * Loss of his/her career standing if the Code of Ethics is not upheld
    * Advantage of The Code of Ethics mandated arbitration over court proceedings
    * The Code prioritized as categories

  • Court cases affected by or related to the Code of Ethics

  • Doing business with a Realtor and non-realtors

  • Successful business leaders

  • Inspirations from business leaders
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Washington Real Estate Ethics Online course
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