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1 Session – 1-2 Hours of Interactive Training CD-ROM

Discover the ten key techniques for effective communication that will help you grow more confident in your ability to express yourself clearly. Good business writing is as important as ever. This LearnKey course based on the book Better Business Writing by Susan L. Brock covers critical skills required for you to develop an impressive business writing style. You will recognize and correct problems, avoid redundancies and define your communication goals.

  • You will gain the critical skills needed to avoid the pitfalls of business writing.
  • You’ll be creating persuasive and more effective memos and letters.
  • Understand how to define and communicate your message for better results.
Session 1
Section A: Better Business Writing
· Introduction
· Know Your Audience

Section B: Practice the Basics
· Spelling
· Punctuation
· Usage

Section C: Developing a Style
· Defining Style
· Finding Your Style
· Improving Style

Section D: Form & Format
· Selecting a Format
· Formatting

Section E: Writing Persuasively
· Motivated Sequence
· Conclusion

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