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3 Sessions – 4-6 Hours of Interactive Training 

Quickly improve customer service skills inside your organization -- and see a significant impact at consumer level. Learn how to deal effectively with angry customers, clients, or colleagues while collaborating to create a win-win outcome. This series pinpoints the skills that will make every employee aware of the importance of excellent customer service.

  • Upset customers will develop trust in your business when their problems are solved.
  • Employees learn skills necessary to create a positive customer experience.
  • Grow your business by focusing on your customers needs.
Calming Upset Customers
Section A: Calming Upset Customers
· Introduction
· Course Overview

Section B: Why Customers Get Upset
· People and Systems
· Why Customers Leave
· Avoidable Upsets
· Key Fact

Section C: Responding to Upset Customers
· First Impressions
· Right Words
· Key Fact

Section D: Calming Your Customers
· Listening
· Calming Techniques
· The Telephone
· Reaching Agreement
· Key Fact
· Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction
Section A: Customer Satisfaction
· Introduction
· Defining Satisfaction
· Key Fact

Section B: Customer Feedback
· Why Feedback?
· Service vs. Satisfaction
· The Fringe Benefits
· Key Fact

Section C: Behaviors
· Overcoming Barriers
· Difficult People
· Lack of Cooperation
· Burnout
· Key Fact

Section D: Reinforcing Behaviors
· Tactics and Strategies
· Avoiding Blame
· Feedback
· Right Words
· Reasons First
· Key Fact
· Conclusion

Quality Customer Service
Section A: Quality Customer Service
· Introduction
· Course Outline

Section B: Attitude
· Personal vs. Procedural
· Body Language
· Showing You Care
· Key Fact

Section C: Identifying Customer Needs
· Basic Needs
· Key Fact

Section D: Satisfying Customer Needs
· Mastering the Basics
· Internal Customers
· Key Fact

Section E: Getting Customers to Return
· Customer Satisfaction
· When Things Go Wrong
· The Extra Mile
· Conclusion

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