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5 Sessions – 8-10 Hours of Interactive Training CD-ROM

Enable employees to use their full talents and abilities and make a real difference for your company, your team, and yourself! Empower your employees with skills to balance self-fulfillment with job commitment, increasing productivity and company loyalty. Real world examples demonstrate how to handle change and contribute to a motivated workforce in any situation while building team spirit through developing organizational vision, values, and goals.

Course Syllabus

Section A: Empowerment
· Introduction
· What is Empowerment?
· Key Fact

Section B: Changing Organizations
· The New Workforce
· Customers
· A Different Way
· Key Fact

Section C: Changing Mindsets
· Overlooking Customers
· From Pyramids to Circles
· Resistance to Change
· Key Fact

Section D: Changing Relationships
· With Customers
· With Coworkers
· Teams
· Key Fact

Section E: Changing Structures
· Get Feedback
· Develop a Vision
· Define Measurements
· Conclusion

Managing Change at Work
Section A: Managing Change
· Introduction
· Course Overview
· Key Fact

Section B: Facing Change
· Dealing with Change
· Effective Managers
· Leading Change
· Key Fact

Section C: Understanding Change
· The Change Model
· Denial
· Resistance
· Exploration
· Commitment
· Key Fact

Section D: Leading for Change
· People and Change
· People and Denial
· People and Resistance
· People and Exploration
· Conclusion

Managing for Commitment
Section A: Managing for Commitment
· Introduction
· Key Fact

Section B: The New Workforce
· What is Loyalty?
· The New Millennium
· New Values
· Key Fact

Section C: Building Commitment
· Trust
· Communication
· Showing You Care
· Key Fact

Section D: Six Steps to Loyalty
· Catering to Employees
· Step 1: Communicate Candidly
· Step 2: Empower Employees
· Step 3: Develop Employees
· Step 4: Show Appreciation
· Step 5: Manage Ethically and Impartially
· Step 6: Promote Workplace Wellness
· Conclusion

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