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1 Session – 1-2 Hours of Interactive Training(CD-COM)

In this results-focused, high-energy interactive media, you'll discover the crucial coaching and leadership skills you need to mold a group of diverse individuals into a cohesive team of motivated, enthusiastic achievers. Coach Joe will inspire you to develop the leadership techniques that will encourage people to rise to new levels of performance. You will discover new communication approaches that will get everyone to pull together, while inspiring trust, commitment and respect.

  • You will discover a variety of coaching and counseling methods.
  • Your new skills will generate productive, meaningful results through teamwork.
  • Become a better leader by using proven approaches for handling conflict and negativity.
  • You will feel confident in your ability to be a highly effective leader.
Session 1
Section A: Management Perspectives
· Getting Started
· Paradigm Shift
· Facilitator Comments
· Take the Quiz
· Becoming a Manager
· Organizational Chart
· Model Organization

Section B: Coaching
· Improving Performance
· Team Stages
· Barriers to Performance
· Clarifying & Probing
· Inspiring
· Motivating

Section C: Mentoring
· Examples
· Metoring = Instruction
· Lead by Example
· Need to Mentor
· Mentoring Review
· Empowerment
· Benefits of Mentoring
· Getting Results

Section D: Counseling
· When to Counsel
· Confronting
· Respect vs. Like
· How to Confront
· Ways to Get Solutions
· Consequences/Rewards
· Attitude Change
· Facilitator Follow-up

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