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This course covers budgets and how they are used in organizational settings. You will gain an understanding of the uses and functions of master budgets, operating budgets, sales, production and cost of goods sold budgets, and cash budgets. You will also learn how organizations are using different budgeting techniques to deal with operating challenges.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:
Recognize the uses and functions of budgeting
Recognize the key activities, considerations, and benefits of strategic organizational planning
Recognize the purpose and make-up of a master budget
Identify the components and calculations used to create a master budget and recognize uses for this information
Identify the components and purpose of an operating budget
Recognize how sales, production, and cost of goods sold budgets are created and perform related calculations
Recognize the purpose of cash budgets and how they are prepared
dentify ways the budget process can be managed for optimal results and recognize the benefits and limitations of the management-by-objective system
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Business Essentials: Understanding and Managing Budgets Online course
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