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Our Penetration Testing online course is the most comprehensive online penetration testing course in existence. You get the same content that is delivered in our 10-Day Penetration Testing Boot Camp in an online format.

The online version contains over 100 modules and over 100 hours of online training. Due to the amount of material available, most students take the full 60 days to complete the online format of the course!

Course Benefits

Some of the benefits of Penetration Testing Online are:
  • Attend the exact same course as the Instructor-Led 10 Day Penetration Testing Boot Camp course in an online format.
  • Interact with over 100 online modules, taught by an expert instructor.
  • We ship you a number of Virtual Machines (VMs) pre-installed with hundreds of tools and scripts that you use to perform over 65 hands-on lab exercises. These are the same lab exercises as the instructor-led class.
  • Get online guidance while you perform the lab exercises, the labs have been recorded from start to finish.
  • Prepare yourself for the CEH, CPT, CEPT, ECSA and LPT certifications from home. When you purchase Penetration Testing Online, you automatically get an exam voucher for the CPT, CEPT and CEH certifications.
Learning Objectives

You will learn:
  • Security testing methodologies
  • Stealthy network recon
  • Passive traffic identification
  • Remote root vulnerability exploitation
  • Privilege escalation hacking
  • IPv6 Vulnerabilities
  • Remote access trojan hacking
  • Running shellcode in RAM vs. on disk
  • Wireless insecurity
  • Breaking IP-based ACLs via spoofing
    Abusing Windows Named Pipes for Domain Impersonation
  • Evidence removal and anti-forensics
  • Attacking network infrastructure devices
  • Hacking by brute forcing remotely
    Hiding exploit payloads in jpeg and gif image files
  • Hacking Web Applications
  • Breaking into databases with SQL Injection
    Cross Site Scripting hacking
  • Justifying a penetration test to management and customers
  • CEH review
  • Defensive techniques
  • Writing buffer overflow exploits
  • Dlmalloc Heap Overflow exploits
  • Win32 Heap Overflow exploits
  • Linux stack overflow exploits
  • Defeating non-exec stacks
  • Return-to-libc shellcode
  • Function pointer overwrites
  • Crafting Injectable Shellcode
  • Defeating non-executable stacks
  • Linux LKM Rootkits
  • Windows Kernel Rootkits
  • Reverse engineering training
  • Vulnerability development and discovery
  • Attacking and blinding IDSs
  • Hiding your attacks from IDSs
  • Encrypted covert channels
  • Global Offset Table Overwrites
  • Windows Shellcode
  • Integer Overflows
  • Linux shellcode
  • "No listening port" trojans
  • A whole day on breaking through enterprise DMZs
  • Reconstructing binaries from sniffed traffic
  • Circumventing antivirus
  • Bi-directional Spoofed Communication
  • Session fixation
  • Advanced SQL Injection
  • Justifying a penetration test to management and customers
  • Defensive techniques
What's Included?
  • 10 Days of Expert Security Training Instruction from a hacking instructor with real-world hacking experience and deep knowledge of course content.
  • Guaranteed small class size (less than 10-16 Students), you get an intimate learning setting not offered at any of our competitors.
  • Our Custom Hacking Tools Enterprise Suite, includes every program covered in the course for at home study.
  • Immunity CANVAS Full license
  • Core Impact SEL License
  • Packages that can include exam fees for up to 5 certifications (CEH, CPT, CEPT, ECSA and LPT)
  • Lecture, Lab Exercise and Text book, Train your ethical friends and co-workers hacking!
Required Prerequisites
  • Workstation running Windows XP SP2 with minimum 1 GB RAM, 30 GB Free Hard Drive Space
  • Windows 2000 Server Install Disk
  • Windows 2003 Server Install Disk
  • High speed internet connection
  • Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System
  • Exposure to the Linux Operating System or other Unix-based OS
  • Grasp of the TCP/IP protocols
  • Desire to learn about the hacking and network security profession, stay ethical, and get great security training!

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