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If you are a .Net or Java software developer looking to secure your applications from the latest threats, or an Information Security Professional looking to learn how to assess software security, the Application Security Training Online course is a giant leap forward to attaining these in-demand application security skill sets.

Course Benefits

Some of the benefits of Application Security Training Online are:
  • Attend the exact same course as the Instructor-Led Application Security Training course in an online format.
  • Interact with over 54 online modules, taught by an expert instructor at your leisure via the Internet at home or work.
  • We ship you a number of Virtual Machines (VMs) pre-installed with hundreds of tools and scripts that you use to perform over 32 hands-on lab exercises. These are the same lab exercises as the instructor-led class.
  • Get online guidance while you perform the lab exercises, the labs have been recorded from start to finish.
  • Prepare yourself for the CASS certification from home. When you purchase Penetration Testing Online, you automatically get an exam voucher for the CASS exam.
Learning Objectives

This hands-on course teaches you:
  • The fundamentals of modern Application Security on both .Net and Java platforms
  • Application security threats and assessment/attack techniques
  • The latest threats to Web Services and AJAX-enabled applications
  • Secure Programming Throughout the Application Development Lifecycle
  • Confronting Flawed Input Data
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Source code analysis scanning software
  • Code Origin Access Control Methods
  • Network Transmission Security with the JSSE API/SSL
  • WS Security, XKMS, and WS-I Basic security profile
  • SecureXML Libraries
  • Privilege Escalation Opportunities
  • Race Conditions
  • Cross Site Scripting Injection
  • .Net Secure Remoting
  • Windows Forms Security
  • SQL Server: Exploitation and Defense
  • Fault Injection and Fuzzing
  • Java security managers, policy files, and JAAS
  • ASP.NET Security
  • XOR, Base64 and Garbage Data Obfuscation
  • Securely Maintaining Session State – Best Practices
  • Session fixation
  • Advanced SQL Injection
  • Oracle PL/SQL Injection
  • .Net Security tokens, XML signature, XML canonicalization, and XML encryption
  • .Net WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation
Required Prerequisites
  • Workstation with Windows XP SP2, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB free hard drive space
  • Windows 2000 Server installation disk
  • Access to High Speed Internet connection

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