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To demonstrate how to build GUI applications using the Swing API

Learning Objectives
  • Overview of Swing and the JFC - associate the components of the Swing architecture with their corresponding functionality, and identify the guidelines associated with using Swing's components.
  • Swing components and containers - specify the code to create and use the containers required for a Swing application in a given scenario.
  • Creating a simple Swing application - set up and display Swing container objects in a specific Swing application and launch that application.
  • Basic Swing components - specify the code used to create labels, text, buttons, and menus for a given application.
  • Handling events in Swing - implement an event handler for a specific event in a given scenario.
  • Using Swing layout managers - specify the code involved in using Swing's layout manager classes to display and arrange components in an application.
  • Painting Swing components - identify the guidelines associated with painting in Swing and AWT.
  • Handling events and laying out a Swing application - write the code involved in handling events for Swing components and displaying these components in a GUI application.
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