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The full capabilities of Akka come from the ability to scale using clustering and networking. In this course, you will learn how to build, manage, and configure a cluster, manage network communication within an application, and use advanced utilities.

Learning Objectives
  • Start the course
  • Describe the advantages of clusters and how they work
  • Create a cluster and actors that can join its nodes
  • Manage and remove cluster members
  • Subscribe actors to cluster events
  • Distribute actors across nodes using cluster sharding
  • Publish and send messages to members
  • Communicate with cluster members from outside the cluster using cluster client
  • Create routers that monitor or deploy routes on cluster nodes
  • Use Cluster Metrics Extension to monitor cluster health and perform load balancing
  • Manage clusters using a JMX console or command lines
  • Monitor and manage actors remotely and enhance remote security
  • Use serialization to convert objects to and retrieve objects from simple byte data
  • Describe the Akka I/O implementation
  • Create and manage connections using TCP
  • Use the Akka-Camel module to send and receive messages
  • Use the event stream to publish events
  • Set up logging within an Akka application
  • Use the scheduler to create future events
  • Use circuit breakers to avoid "hanging" applications caused by nonresponsive services
  • Create extensions to add your own features to Akka
  • Use Akka along with Sprint or any other JEE application
  • Use Akka along with Play framework as a service backend
  • Separate Akka message into its own module, group actors into modules, and deploy those modules independently
  • Implement continuous integration and deploy large-scale Akka-based applications
  • Create a clustered Akka application including logging and event subscription
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