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To enable the learner to handle exceptions and use assertions in Java

Learning Objectives
  • Try, catch, and finally blocks in Java - specify the code required to use try, catch, and finally blocks to handle exceptions in Java for a given scenario.
  • The Java Exception class hierarchy - specify the appropriate method of the Throwable class to use in a given piece of code, and associate runtime and checked exceptions with the events that throw them.
  • Throwing exceptions in Java - handle exceptions in calling methods, create and throw exceptions explicitly, and use exception chaining to set the cause of a thrown exception.
  • Working with exceptions in Java 6.0 - create an exception subclass for a given code sample, and implement exception handlers on a thread basis.
  • Handling exceptions in Java - create, throw, catch, and handle exceptions for a given scenario.
  • The assertion mechanism in Java - identify the code used to create a Java assertion statement for a given scenario, and specify the commands and flags used to create and compile assertions.
  • Using assertions in Java - create, enable, and compile assertions in Java.
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