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To demonstrate how to build applets and place them on web pages

Learning Objectives
  • Introducing Java applets - identify the code required to create and initialize an applet for a given scenario.
  • Adding an applet to a web page - embed an applet in a web page using the APPLET tag, customize an applet in a web page using the PARAM tag, and convert applet tags using the HTML converter tool.
  • The sandbox security model - understand the sandbox security model, its features, and the restrictions it imposes on the operations an applet can perform, as well as what a signed applet is and the role of trust levels.
  • Building useful applets - specify the code required to play sound files and display images, documents, and status information in a given applet.
  • Advanced applets - specify the code required to support applet persistence, locate applets for communication, and access JApplet panes for a given scenario.
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