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Outlook 2010 provides a number of security options that should be enabled to protect you from viruses, unwanted junk mail, and other malicious attacks directed at computer users. This course explains how to protect yourself from spam, junk mail, and phishing attacks as well as how to safely open suspicious messages and attachments. To ensure that no unwanted users can read messages that are not directed towards them, digital signatures can be used. This course discusses how to obtain and apply digital signatures to messages.

Learning Objectives
  • Set security options using the Trust Center
  • Use digital signatures with your e-mail messages
  • Encrypt your e-mail messages
  • Filter junk e-mail using the Junk E-mail Filter
  • Filter phishing e-mail messages using the Junk E-mail Filter
  • Secure your e-mail correspondence
  • Filter your e-mail correspondence
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Implementing Security with Outlook 2010 Online course
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