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Today people can collaborate on the development of PowerPoint presentations in new and exciting ways. With the proper technological infrastructure in place, PowerPoint has the capability of allowing multiple people to work on the single presentation at the same time. An alternative to co-authoring a presentation with other team members is to send the presentation as an e-mail attachment, save it to a web site, burn it on a CD, or broadcast it live over the Internet. To simplify the process of reviewing and accepting or rejecting changes, you can now merge the reviewed version with your original version into one presentation. This course explores these topics and many other collaboration features available in PowerPoint 2010. Also covered are proofing, language, and research tools, along with options for printing and protecting a presentation.

Learning Objectives
  • Use the proofing tools available in PowerPoint 2010
  • Using the translation tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • Use review tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • Use the merge and compare tools in PowerPoint 2010
  • Collaborate with one or more team members on a PowerPoint presentation
  • Match file format options in PowerPoint 2010 with their corresponding purposes
  • Use tools to distribute PowerPoint presentations over the Internet
  • Protect a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
  • Prepare a PowerPoint 2010 presentation for printing
  • Proof and research words on a slide
  • Finalize a reviewed version of a presentation and upload it to the Web
  • Protect a presentation and prepare for printing
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