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Using Outlook 2010 you can now create e-mail messages that include compelling visuals and graphics that capture the reader’s attention. You can also attach and format screenshots from your computer to better convey ideas in your message. This course discusses working with attachments in Outlook 2010 as well as including graphics, tables, symbols, and links in your messages. How to add signatures to e-mail and auto replying to messages that you receive are also covered.

Learning Objectives
  • Manage e-mail attachments that you have received
  • Send attachments in e-mails
  • Add graphics to e-mail messages
  • Add a table to e-mail messages
  • Add hyperlinks to e-mail messages
  • Add symbols, horizontal lines, and equations to e-mail messages
  • Use a signature and print e-mail messages
  • Set up automatic replies to e-mails that you receive
  • Add items to an e-mail message and print the message
  • Create an autoreply for messages that you receive
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Managing Attachments, Graphics, Signatures, and Autoreplies in Outlook 2010 Online course
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