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Brackens East Seafood, Inc. is a wholesale seafood distributor that's serviced the food industry for over thirty years. Its customers include restaurants, grocery stores, and institutional cafeterias. You're the company's webmaster responsible for maintaining and updating its B2B web site. As a majority of customers now use the site to place orders, it's crucial for it to operate smoothly and reliably at all times. Recently a member of your team, Senior Corporate Marketing Manager Geoffrey Dent, left the company. Your boss, Gwen Phillips, has not hired a replacement. Instead, she's asked you to assume many of Geoff's former responsibilities. As a result, your workload is very heavy and you're finding your job increasingly stressful. Your personal life is also stressful due to an elder care issue. Your mother, who has numerous health problems, relies on you to take her to medical appointments. Balancing this responsibility with your professional ones has become very difficult. This simulation is based on the SkillSoft series "Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance" and contains links to the following courses: pd_06_a01_bs_enus, pd_06_a02_bs_enus, and pd_06_a03_bs_enus.

Learning Objectives
  • Balancing Your Responsibilities Simulation
  • Being assertive with difficult people.
  • Overcoming external obstacles to a balanced life.
  • Overcoming external obstacles to a balanced life.
  • Delegating effectively.
  • Delegating effectively.
  • Communicating assertively to set your limits.
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